Circolo Pizza

Category: Brand Identity

Neapolitan pizza, dissertation project

The idea for the project of my dissertation was born during my period of Erasmus studies in Germany, where I found myself in a situation where, Italians are part of almost 60% of German jokes, but at the same time, they are loved and famous for their cuisine and their dishes!
Nevertheless, the real Italian food that would represent at most the real Made in Italy is rarely seen. The products are often offered with a lower quality and at a high price.
Considering the values ​​of Made in Italy, such as, HIGH DESIGN , QUALITY , CREATIVITY and INNOVATION, I designed this new pizzeria, giving also attention to our new ways of consuming food like fast foods, street foods and finger foods, phenomena born by our lack of time to devote to the moments of daily meal, but at the same time with a growing desire to eat healthy, delicious and cheap.
The peculiarity of this pizzeria is the distribution of slices of real Neapolitan pizza, in 8 total flavors , on a conveyor belt , similar to the ones used in traditional Japanese kaitzen.
There are lots of fast food chains around the world who claim to offer the real pizza but we know that these products are very far from the true Neapolitan pizza!

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